Milking fan girls: How Japan does it better.

This has actually been bothering me ever since I entered the Kpop fandom—I noticed how Korean Marketing was very much ineffective compared to Japan’s marketing strategies. Don’t look at me like I’m a marketing major or something I just really noticed how different their strategies are.

Let’s list down some things.

1) Japan is more strict about uploading of it’s media into the internet

> I know, I know, Korea does this too. But have you seen how many HD rips does your Kpop MV have? 1,10,20? And look at Japanese MVs here—all we have uploaded are spanish subbed ones that are like 240p (bonus if it’s 360p) and a short version of the PV graciously given to us by the OFFICIAL Youtube of the artist. 

Have you seen how many “TOSHIBA EMI MARKED THIS AS COPYRIGHT VIOLATION”s above your favourite Utada Hikaru song? (Well the video would still be actually there but the audio? yeah it sounds so great, thanks artist companies!)

Also, remember that time when Gaga’s video together with one of the Johnnie’s got deleted? Yep. Even free publicity gets deleted.

2) Repackaging strategies

> This is actually my main peeve ahaha. Japan does the version ABC (sometimes reaches D) which are all released all at the same time and Korea does the REPACKAGED version which is sold a few months or weeks after the regular version. Let me tell you how much this irks me (then I’ll get to why 3 versions at once is better)

1) WHY ON EARTH DO REPACKAGE VERSIONS EXIST they can just release it all at the same time and boost the sales and FANS WOULDN’T HAVE TO SAVE UP TWICE THEY ALL JUST NEED TO SAVE UP ONCE

2) There isn’t much merit in buying the regular version. You will probably end up selling your regular version so you can buy the Repackaged version 

3) Repackage versions usually has no booklets, just better track lists

NOW if you did version A B C D CD+DVD all at once you would be sitting pretty on the TOP SPOT for a while because I’m sure all of the ranking companies would rank abcd as one album (look at AKB48 for example they ALWAYS release more than one version. Also, Ayumi Hamasaki and Namie Amuro and their sales ALWAYS go over 500k)  You also get 3 times the variety and the best part is all 3 versions get released at the same time and MOST of the time Version B/C would contain the unique song along with a better booklet or something of the likes.

Oh, while I’m on topic of version releases has anyone noticed that korean groups NEVER release a CD+DVD? I find it quite sad that they never do that because it’s a really good deal and most fans would fall for it. 

3) Voice Acting / Anime&Game Opening and Endings 

This is actually a pretty bias reason (because Korea does this too) but Japan’s animation industry is much more acknowledged than Korea’s so inserting an artists’ song would actually boost sales twice as much. Also, let’s not forget about Character CDs because every Otaku would actually die if their favorite character had one and it’s an immediate GET for everyone in the fan base. 

As a closing note, I just think that Korea should really invest on those CD+DVDs and they should fucking stop it with those REPACKAGED shit and just pour everything into 3 versions which are released at once because they will piss fan girls off with repackaging >:\ (also Repackaged albums don’t even come with unique posters most of the time and it sUCKS)